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During more than forty years Al Mawashi had moved from supply and trade of livestock from a local company into one of the largest specialized trade and the supply of livestock corporate company to be reckoned with, whether at the local or regional level.

We are one of the outstanding companies in maintaining national food security and the smooth flow of food supplies of red meat from various countries around the world. We manufacture products according to the latest health, environmental, safety, and have obtained international quality certificates in the field.

The company also will begin to reap the fruits of a number of major projects over the next few years, such as building new transport ship and venture capital slaughterhouse and cattle market and the development of the central farm company in line with the most recent being in this area. I am confident that the support of the shareholders and the efforts of the executive management of the company will reach its goal.

Livestock Transport
Trading Company

Al Mawashi is a leading public shareholding company based on corporate core values of HH Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, the Prime Minister, during the reign of HH Sheikh Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah in 1973. The company expanded beyond its initial focus to create sustainable value for customers, shareholders and associated companions which marked our presence in Kuwait Exchange Market in 1984, with a paid capital of KD 8 Million. By adopting the company’s objectives of achieving operational excellence through continuous improvement, we achieved greater revenue growth until it reached KD 21.6 Million.

Today, we take pride in ourselves to be the best meat supplier company in the world with our head office located in Kuwait. We have Three branches in the UAE, Australia & South Africa.

We have an outstanding reputation for our largest butchery outlets that thrive on perfection and customer satisfaction by catering to the needs of every meat lover. Our products are processed in state-of-the-art modern facilities conforming to international standards and made available in 36 butchery outlets and showrooms within Kuwait and UAE markets. We use marine and land equipment to produce organic fertilizers which ensures availability of quality green vegetation to prepare the best livestock.

Livestock Transport & Trading Co. PSC (KLTT)

Established in 1973, Livestock Transport & Trading Co. PSC (KLTT) is a Kuwait based shareholding company primarily engaged in livestock import/export globally. The company has a complete chain of giant vessels for transporting and trading livestock and all kinds of meat within Kuwait and abroad.

We supply numerous special services to the Kuwaiti feedlot industry and are the proud owners of the largest feedlot in the world with the capacity of 200,000 heads. Our modern meat processing factory is one of the biggest meat processing facilities in Kuwait that produces high quality and hygienic meat products. We have an entire meat marketing butchery chain that covers most parts of Kuwait and UAE markets, selling fresh meat produced in healthy surroundings. Our fertilizer manufacturing plants produce biogenic fertilizers for agricultural production for cattle fodders. The livestock slaughtering process is carried out in a modern abattoir with the capacity of 6000 heads per shift.

Rural Export & Trading Western Australia Pty Ltd (RETWA)

A subordinate company with the principal business to provide an important link between producers of quality livestock and consumers. With our state-of-the-art technologies and practices, we provide optimal welfare outcomes for the animals on-board following international standards. We handle chilled meat products and export with utmost care to serve the company's interest.

Trans Emirates Livestock Trading L.L.C. (AL Mawashi) - UAE

A subsidiary is accountable for trading and import/export of livestock, fresh and chilled meat products. With our disciplined management approach, we’ve been operating a top-grade MLA recognized feedlot facility in the MENA region.

AL Mawashi (Pty) Ltd - South Africa

A subsidiary specialized in the field of livestock transport and trading with the core purpose to protect imported livestock from dangerous animal health consequences. The animals are held in quarantine for observation and testing to export only healthy livestock to the UAE and Kuwait markets. We implement various methods of transportation, distribution and packaging which help in maintaining the texture and taste of meat products.




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